A story on eppie who believed her mother had passed away

The Fairey "Albacore" was a single-engine biplane designed as a torpedo-spotter reconnaissance aircraft. It was an all-metal monocoque fuselaged biplane, its wings braced with wire and covered with fabric. It also had a heated enclosed cabin, was nicknamed the "Applecore", and was regarded as pleasant to fly. It did not carry any fancy electronic navigation gear but relied initially on the Observer reading a map and the stars, and the pilot checking his compass.

A story on eppie who believed her mother had passed away

Scott Munro I am searching for genealogical data concerning my grandfather Duncan Munro and his family. They came from Ulva, the small island off the west coast of Scotland. My grandfather settling here in Ontario and Andrew settling in Nova Scotia.

Other members of the family included 4 sisters: Another brother Neil was killed in World War I. She was b in Glasgow and also buried in Ft. His parents names were, Hugh William and Georgina Munro. Now I know that James was born November 6th and died shortly after his wife, leaving the six children orphaned.

James father's name was Robert Munro who is from Achulvadrach, Tongue but this is where my family tree with all my research has ended. I am looking to find out more of who my ancestors are before the late 's.

Any information regarding something you may know would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Feb 23 Eileen Cunningham I am searching for genealogical data concerning Donald Munro, who I understand was an alderman of Outremont, Quebec, in the early to mid-twentieth century.

He was the uncle of my mother, Alice Munro, daughter of William Munro b. Does anyone have information about Donald or his descendants?

A story on eppie who believed her mother had passed away

Anne Munro married Peter Campbell who lived in Aberfoyle. Henry returns to the UK in and joins the regiment.

I understand that he could have been a pilot and lost an arm?


He marries my grandmother in and they have 3 daughters. The marriage fails and Henry returns to Canada inHenry dies in Saanich aged Jan 12 Chuck Munro I don't know much about my family, because I am told they didn't talk much about themselves or their history.

It seems there may have been some bad blood or a falling out along the way. I can tell you what I am reasonably sure to be fact and what is likely true. George F Munro was definitely born in Scotland, and if it wasn't in Inverness, it was around Inverness.Trifles. quoting the words of the women and/or the men.

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Her Father Passed Away When She Was On Her 21st Birthday She Read His Last Letter On Bailey’s 17th birthday she was shocked to receive a bouquet of flowers and a card from her deceased father. Realizing he had crafted these special gifts prior to his death, Bailey began to look forward to each year when a new birthday card would.

When the firefighters got there they miraculously found Vivianna, the eight-month-old daughter, still alive, but unfortunately Polo the dog had passed away.

YouTube When Vivianna entered the family, it became apparent that Polo was infatuated with her. A year after her diagnosis, Peggy passed away at age 55 in late October A few days after, Hannah shared something her mother left the family behind: letters she had written to each of them.

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