A study on kenya and its development

Recently, Kenya launched a development strategy called Kenya Vision GoK in which the prominence of equity in resource redistribution and poverty reduction is imperative. Under this Vision, devolved funds are expected to play a key role in realizing these goals. The CDF was established by an act of parliament in and stipulates that 2. The study was designed to explore the effects of the CDF decentralization on governance and service delivery as well as to understand the impact and the challenges facing the CDF in Kangundo Constituency, which is in the Eastern province of Kenya.

A study on kenya and its development

Based on an in-country evaluation that includes oral proficiency testing, students are placed in intensive classes at the appropriate level, with additional language practice taking place through homestays, lectures, and field visits.

Daily classes during the first two weeks of the urban homestay are followed by continuing lessons in a variety of field settings, which provide an opportunity for additional Kiswahili language practice. In addition to taking the above courses, students will also need to enroll in one of the following two courses: The internship enables students to gain valuable work experience in the public health field and introduces students to planning, delivery, and management of public health in the tropics, using western Kenya as the case study.

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Study abroad summer internship in Kenya Excursions Excursions Please note that in order to take advantage of dynamic learning opportunities, program excursions may occasionally vary.

Excursions on this program range from multi-week to single-day trips. You will study the mixed impacts of privatization on healthcare, decentralization, and community-based healthcare systems.

A study on kenya and its development

Site Visits You will experience multiple site visits throughout the semester to get a firsthand look at concepts developed in readings, lectures, group work, assignments, and in-class.

Past site visits include the United Nations Environment Program and United Nations Habitat in Nairobi, the Mathare Youth Sports Association one of the most celebrated success stories of urban African development programs influencing health and human rights in an informal settingthe county government of Makueni the first county in Kenya to implement universal health coverageand water-sanitation and eco-friendly projects in Kibera.

Nairobi You will spend a few days in Nairobi.

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Here, you will visit various United Nations bodies and other international and nongovernmental organizations where you will explore global health and human rights issues that you can develop into your Independent Study Project or internship proposal.

Sinceshe has lectured at Maseno University and became the chair of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning in In addition to her work as a professor and researcher, she serves on the board of Sana International, an NGO that deals with water and sanitation, and the St.

She is a researcher and consultant on urban, regional, and agricultural development projects throughout East Africa and has published articles on climate change and agricultural security, gender perspectives on property rights in rural Kenya, and poverty. Miltone Omondi, Program Coordinator Miltone is a certified public accountant and holds a graduate diploma in business administration.

He is currently taking an undergraduate course in development studies. Before joining the program, he worked as a research assistant for Family Care International, as part of an extensive research project on safe motherhood, and for SOS Kinderdof.

A study on kenya and its development

Miltone assists the academic director in the day-to-day running of the program in areas of student support, excursions and lectures, compliance, procurement, program partnerships, and logistics. She is a volunteer at the Organization for Intercultural Education in Nairobi helping with office operations, and has more than four years of experience with intercultural programs.

Christine assists SIT with a variety of tasks including student support and program management. Lecturers for this program typically include: He is an experienced researcher, technical advisor and public health manager. He has conducted desk reviews of malaria epidemic preparedness and response and indoor residual spray programs and vector control components of the National Malaria Control Programs.

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He started delivering lectures to SIT students in Kenya has the potential to be one of Africa’s success stories from its growing youthful population, a dynamic private sector, highly skilled workforce, improved infrastructure, a new constitution, and its pivotal role in East Africa.

Jan 24,  · A case study of aid effectiveness in Kenya. Volatility and fragmentation of foreign aid, with a focus on health, Washington, DC: Wolfensohn Centre for Development, The Brookings Institution. (Working Papers no. 8) [Google Scholar]). The Institute for development Studies is a multi-disciplinary as well as a multi-purpose organization` focusing on social economic issuesof development in Kenya and in the Kenya and in the rest of Africa.

Kenya has been a top advocate of Agenda Kenya was a member of the High Level Panel of Eminent Persons who advised the United Nations Secretary General on the global development framework beyond Kenya Case Study. This country case study on Kenya is one in a series that describes the steps taken to formulate and implement National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), with a particular emphasis on adaptation in agriculture (incl.

forestry, livestock and fisheries). The programme supported the development of the Kenya CSA Strategy and its. on social and economic development in sub-Saharan Africa and examines the social and economic role of China in Kenya and the rest of Africa. The study set out with two hypotheses.

Kenya: Global Health and Human Rights