Advantages and disadvantages of women secretary

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Advantages and disadvantages of women secretary

On 'big data' and the ways we evaluate women's lives on a global scale No Ceilings uses data sets to tell stories about gender inequality worldwide. What are the stories behind the data?

If these measures should appeal to anyone, they should appeal to me, a social scientist who studies women in politics across countries and continues to use large data sets.

Is one approach to marriage necessarily better than another? One issue in both controversies was family property; could, for instance, a daughter inherit the same amount as a son?

Something I was unconsciously ignorant of at the beginning of my fieldwork was the difference between community-property and separate-property marital regimes.

Understanding the different fabrics

In California, where I spent most of my upbringing, community property is the default law. In what I believe to be a large percentage of households in Niger, the default regime is not community but separate property.

That is, a wife maintains her finances separate from her husband, and vice versa. People with whom I spoke said they did not know how much money their spouses made per month or year or how much wealth their spouses possessed. Under the ideal form of separate-property ownership, a wife uses her finances for her own purposes, whereas the expectation is that a husband uses his finances to provide food, shelter, and other amenities to the entire family.

If men are expected to provide for the entire household and women are expected to keep their own property, then it is fair, for many of the men and women I talked with, for sons to inherit twice as much as daughters.

Things become complicated when, in reality, wives use their resources to also provide for the family. I wonder whether the divorce rate among certain communities in Niger, which is comparable to that of the U.

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What I came to realize is there are alternatives to community-property marriage that are widely practiced, and it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of marriages where financials are kept separate.

This problem is akin to the use of firstworldproblems, which started with good intentions, but ends up denying that there are problems of access to quality education, malnutrition, poverty, and violence in wealthy countries and that people outside the first world can have so-called petty problems.

More than I had anticipated, and something I learned from scholars such as political scientist Abdourahmane Idrissa, anti-family law reform and anti-African Union treaty activists used nationalist rhetoric to combat proposed changes to family law.

One of the most unsettling but illuminating moments in my fieldwork was when a female religious leader asked me why so many foreigners were coming to her, asking her about the lack of family law reform in Niger.

This article is excerpted from Business Structures, by Michael Spadaccini.. The most common forms of business enterprises in use in the United States are the sole proprietorship, general. California LLC Advantages and Disadvantages California LLCs classified as partnerships or disregarded entities are subject to an $ annual tax if they are doing business in California, or the California Secretary of State accepts their articles of organization or certificate of registration. Disadvantages or Demerits of Company Secretary: There are few disadvantages which have been put forward for not coming forward for a secretary job. Few among them are salary, not good image, women’s work, no scope of improvement etc.

The No Ceilings report was well-conceived and carefully written, and, in my opinion, better attuned to the issues I raised above than other reports. Kang is assistant professor of political science and ethnic studies at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln.

She is author of Bargaining for Women's Rights: Activism in an Aspiring Muslim Democracy. Kang compellingly argues that governments are more likely to adopt women's rights reforms when local activists mobilize for them, that opposing activists must also be considered, and that political context is essential for understanding outcomes around women's rights.Cathy Young defends women's right to be bad, to do bad things, to be wrong, to be violent - and to accept the responsibility for such actions.

Practically Perfect PA A list of pros and cons that honestly reflect the state of our assistant profession. Honestly, what are the pros and cons of the role?

Advantages and disadvantages of women secretary

Practically Perfect PA A list of pros and cons that honestly reflect the state . Globalization refers to the interaction of one economy with all the other economies of the world. This interaction can be in terms of financial transactions, trade, politics,education, production etc.

Globalization picked up steam with the invention of newer and newer technologies in . Disadvantages or Demerits of Company Secretary: There are few disadvantages which have been put forward for not coming forward for a secretary job.

Few among them are salary, not good image, women’s work, no scope of improvement etc. The choice to enlist in the Army is a life-changing decision that many men and women have made since its formation in April To join the Army, a candidate must be at least 17 years old, a U.S.

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