Child labor situation in bangladesh

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Child labor situation in bangladesh

Children are the assets, and a nation gets handsome dividends when it invests most in them. The most destructive and injurious to the children is child labour.

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The children aged below 14 constitute the half of the total population of the world. Over million children around the world work and many of them are at risk from hazardous and exploitative labour UNICEF The so-called industrialized or capitalist countries employed children in their factory for their rapid production with a minimum wage.

The Janakantha on November 28, says that 65 million of children all over the world work is most unfavorable condition whose daily income is not more than one dollar.

The children in Bangladesh start working very early. In villages, the boys work in the fields with their fathers and uncles.

The girls begin to work as early as 5 or 6 years. The girls help their mothers in the kitchen. Domestic workers cook our food, clean houses and wash clothes in the households where they work. They also grind the masalas, make our beds and put up the mosquito nets.

In some homes, They iron clothes, wash our cars and carry our babies. Web call them domestic help, servant and kajer lok.

The Daily Star Weekend, 18 October In almost all countries, including Bangladesh, legislation exists concerning the minimum age for admission to employment, services and other activities.

In Bangladesh, the minimum age for employment is 14 years and the minimum age for hazardous work is 18 years. On the other hands, it is the lack of enforcement of the law that allows child labour to persist.

Domestic Child Labour in Bangladesh - Assignment Point

Where the majority of the children work, the enforcement of legislation, if any, also difficult. The major objective of the study is to analyze the prevailing socio-psychological situation related to the child female domestic servants working in different residential areas of Dhaka.

Child labour is not only a national issue, it is a global concern. Great portion of girl children who are working as domestic helps are invisible because they are out of interaction with the common people. They do not get proper attentions, as most of them are girls. So, the major obstacle to developing a policy for the benefit of the working children on the total number and situation.

So, I do hope, my study will help to fulfill the gap a little at least. Scope of the study: The scope of a study is more or less determined by the objective we already taken, we cannot focus or all relevant affairs for our limited time and resources.

So, the main focal point of this study is to explore the nature of domestic setting of the child maid and their physical and oral abuses by their employers within Dhaka metropolitan.

It would not be possible to make any generalization on the subject for the study is limited to only some selected areas of Dhaka city. The respondent were scared to answer sensitive questions because of being further to lose their job.

More over, limited time and money also effected my study 1. Rowshan Ara Rahman in her paper, child labour in Bangladeshobserved that child labour in Bangladesh is a necessity in our country.

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Ishrat Samim, in her paper child exploitation in cigarette factoriesconcludes that child labour is indispensable to their poor parents in Bangladesh. She showed that The study also stated some economic implications of child labour — economic of child labour, education and children out of school, working conditions and health.

Different studies have been conducted on the different aspect of child labour in Bangladesh. Khaleda Salauddin undertook a study named Aspect of child labour in Bangladesh.

She explored the different aspect of child labour is the urban and rural economy.Child Labor situation in Bangladesh If we want to know about the Child Labor situation in Bangladesh, at first we have to know that what Child Labor is.

The definition of child labor varies depending on region, culture, organization, and government. The Bangladesh Labor Act does not cover the informal economic sectors in which child labor is most prevalent, including domestic work, street work, and work .

Child Labor Essay; Child Labor Essay.

Child labor situation in bangladesh

Child Labor in Dhaka City The Report is based on Secondary Data and current Socio Economic situation of Dhaka. Child Labor has always been a part of developing countries and a current article about child labor in Bangladesh shows that it .

Children in Bangladesh are engaged in child labor, including in agriculture and services.(1, 2) Child labor occurs more in rural areas than in urban areas and the type of work children are engaged in differs by geographic.

1 Child Labour | UNICEF Bangladesh Child labour in Bangladesh KEY STATISTICS 5 Concluding observations of the Committee on the Rights of the Child: Bangladesh, June 6 Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Report on National Their vulnerable situation puts them at risk of trafficking as they seek a better life for themselves.

A rapid. As a result of continuous advocacy, the Government of Bangladesh ratified the ILO Convention on the Worst Forms of Child Labour, (No) on 12 March National legislation on hazardous child labour was subsequently revised in and a list of hazardous forms of .

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