Divinity of christ

Jorge has let us know Jesus got this wrong, and he, Jorge, has it right, so much so that he must proclaim it not only as truth, but as magisterial truth. As the night follows the day, Jorge teaches that Jesus is not divine, Jesus is not God- because God makes no errors, God makes no mistakes; and, according to Jorge, Jesus got Hell all wrong. I would never stand near Jorge anywhere or fly on a plane with him. I am reminded of how God called Arius the heretic home-see below.

Divinity of christ

Is the deity of Christ biblical? They claimed that Jesus had the right to forgive sins—something only God can do—as it is God who is offended by sin Acts 5: God the Father says regarding Jesus: Examples of Scriptures that teach the deity of Christ are many see Revelation 1: Paul interprets Isaiah This would be blasphemy if Christ were not deity.

Actions that can be accomplished only by God are credited to Jesus. Jesus not only raised the dead John 5: Further, Christ possesses attributes that only deity can have: Now, it is one Divinity of christ to claim to be God or to fool someone into believing it is true, and something else entirely to prove it to be so.

Christ offered many miracles as proof of His claim to deity. Moreover, Christ Himself rose from the dead. Far from the so-called dying and rising gods of pagan mythology, nothing like the resurrection is seriously claimed by other religions, and no other claim has as much extra-scriptural confirmation.

There are at least twelve historical facts about Jesus that even non-Christian critical scholars will admit: Jesus died by crucifixion. His death caused the disciples to despair and lose hope. The disciples believed they experienced appearances of the risen Jesus.

After this, the disciples were transformed from doubters into bold believers. This message was the center of preaching in the early Church.

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This message was preached in Jerusalem. As a result of this preaching, the Church was born and it grew. Resurrection day, Sunday, replaced the Sabbath Saturday as the primary day of worship.

James, a skeptic, was converted when he also believed that he saw the resurrected Jesus. Paul, an enemy of Christianity, was converted by an experience which he believed to be an appearance of the risen Jesus. Even if someone were to object to this specific list, only a few are needed to prove the resurrection and establish the gospel: While there may be some theories to explain one or two of the above facts, only the resurrection explains and accounts for them all.Christians believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ.


the divinities of ancient Greece. Recent Examples on the Web. Magic Words: Delicious divinity can be discovered on the daily. From a fireside address given at the University of Utah Special Events Center on 9 December The Savior’s birth, ministry, atoning sacrifice, Resurrection, and promised coming all bear witness to His divinity.

Divinity of christ

Remarks on the uses of the definitive article in the Greek text of the New Testament, containing many new proofs of the divinity of Christ, from translated in the common English version. Question: "What are the strongest biblical arguments for the divinity of Christ?" Answer: That the New Testament is full of references to the divinity of Christ is difficult to deny.

From the four canonical Gospels through the book of Acts and the Pauline Epistles, Jesus is not only seen as the Messiah (or Christ) but also equated with God Himself. Sisters, we love you!

Discovering the Divinity Within - By Rosemary M. Wixom

I testify that life is a gift. God has a plan for each one of us, and our individual purpose began long before we came to this earth.

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What are the strongest biblical arguments for the divinity of Christ?