Graphical user interface and figure

It is short for Generation 3.

Graphical user interface and figure

Abbreviating commands[ edit ] In Multicscommand-line options and subsystem keywords may be abbreviated. In some other systems abbreviations are automatic, such as permitting enough of the first characters of a command name to uniquely identify it such as SU as an abbreviation for SUPERUSER while others may have some specific abbreviations pre-programmed e.

COM or user-defined via batch scripts and aliases e. EXE or internal their commands may use different syntax within the same operating system. Options may be indicated by either of the "switch characters": They may or may not be case-sensitive. Sometimes options and their arguments are run together, sometimes separated by whitespace, and sometimes by a character, typically: Some programs allow single-character options to be combined; others do not.

The switch -fA may mean the same as -f -A, or it may be incorrect, or it may even be a valid but different parameter. Option conventions in Unix-like systems[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Graphical user interface and figure

Two hyphen-minus characters without following letters -- may indicate that the remaining arguments should not be treated as options, which is useful for example if a file name itself begins with a hyphen, or if further arguments are meant for an inner command e.

Double hyphen-minuses are also sometimes used to prefix "long options" where more descriptive option names are used. This is a common feature of GNU software. The getopt function and program, and the getopts command are usually used for parsing command-line options.

Unix command names, arguments and options are case-sensitive except in a few examples, mainly where popular commands from other operating systems have been ported to Unix.

Conversational Monitor System CMS uses a single left parenthesis to separate options at the end of the command from the other arguments. For example, in the following command the options indicate that the target file should be replaced if it exists, and the date and time of the source file should be retained on the copy: Built-in usage help[ edit ] See also: So, if a program is not hard-wired to support them all, a user may need to know the current setting even to be able to reliably request help.

However, if given as first or only parameter, most DOS programs will, by convention, accept it as request for help regardless of the current SwitChar setting. If more detailed help is necessary than provided by a program's built-in internal help, many systems support a dedicated external " help command" command or similarwhich accepts a command name as calling parameter and will invoke an external help system.

COM also accept a? Besides their purpose as quick help reference this can be used in batchjobs to query the facilities of the underlying command-line processor. Angle brackets may be omitted when confusing the parameter name with a literal string is not likely.

The space character[ edit ] In many areas of computing, but particularly in the command line, the space character can cause problems as it has two distinct and incompatible functions: Unix -based operating systems minimize the use of embedded spaces to minimize the need for quotes.

In Microsoft Windowsone often has to use quotes because embedded spaces such as in directory names are common. List of command-line interpreters Although most users think of the shell as an interactive command interpreter, it is really a programming language in which each statement runs a command.Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs): Part 1 If you are developing code for other people to use, then it is much better to provide the user with an interface rather than having to type commands into MATLAB.

Bill Atkinson worked mostly at home, but whenever he made significant progress he rushed in to Apple to show it off to anyone who would appreciate it. 3 CS © Peter Lo 9 6 Main Input Design Objectives 1. Select a suitable input and data entry method 2.

Reduce input volume 3. Design attractive data entry screens. Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs): Part 1. the figure, which holds the GUI, the controls using uicontrol, and; the plot function, which does the solving and/or plotting. Setting up the figure. Walkthrough. First we make a large figure to contain the GUI.

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