High school students should be banned from working in part time jobs

January 3, email print After completing your homework each day, do you find yourself wasting the rest of your evening watching TV or texting with your friends? If you find yourself with copious free time after completing studies and other after- school activities, you may want to consider obtaining a part-time job. Check out these benefits of working a part-time job in high school. You will learn how to handle responsibility.

High school students should be banned from working in part time jobs

Is it better for high school students to focus only on school, or is a part-time job worth the time? This report has the latest research. Add one more question to your never-ending list of parenting questions: Should my high schooler get a job?

I originally thought that this was a no-brainer. My thinking was that, of course, everyone could benefit from seeing how the world works outside of school, from increased responsibility, from earning and saving some of their own money, and from the boost in self-esteem for a job well done.

I was surprised, then, to hear that not everyone agreed with me. I look back on my high school years and see an organized and engaged student. I managed my time efficiently, saved money, and also bought a few fun things for myself.

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These habits followed me into college, and even into adulthood, I find that I am far more organized and efficient when I am busy. As it turns out, not every parent agrees that the benefits of work outweigh potential costs. This, however, was not the case for students of color and particularly those from less advantaged backgroundswho tended to benefit academically from working after school.

On the other hand, those who worked on non-school days markedly reduced their unproductive screen time, and those who worked on school days increased their sleeping time. In the end, individual parents and students are in the best position to know how things are faring academically, socially, and emotionally, and will know if a part-time job is the right fit.

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How to Do It Right If parents and students are comfortable with the idea of working during the school year, the authors of the longitudinal suggest two things: Do not work more than 15 hours a week, and 2. As soon as they start new jobs, students should tell employers and supervisors that they hope to earn a good letter of recommendation.

While trail monitoring and picking up trash may not seem glamorous, the beauty of the surroundings can make the work enjoyable, not to mention the added benefits of fresh air and exercise. For those who are a bit more entrepreneurial, setting up a small, local pet care business will allow for flexible hours.

It is a good idea for parents to know the neighbors or to go with the student for the first meeting with a new potential customer to be sure that it is an environment that is safe for the student; this applies to all jobs that involve home visits.

Many people would love for someone else to mow their yards. If this is true in your neighborhood, then print some flyers, go door-to-door, and start mowing! This is not just a summer job; many pools have indoor swimming options and offer swimming lessons throughout the year.

Indoor Opportunities Offer Music Lessons: If your teen is adept at the violin or the piano, offer in-your-own-home lessons for the neighborhood children. When one excels academically in a particular subject area, she is in a prime spot for offering tutoring services; this is another example of something that can be an at-home service.

The tried and true job for teenagers everywhere. Where there are young children, there are parents eager for a night out or for some help after school. Retail or Food Service Jobs: These are challenging jobs, but can lead to advancement within an organization when the initial dishwasher or cashier positions are handled professionally.

Look at the research for yourself and talk with your teen about how she feels about a part-time job. If she is ready to go and you are comfortable with the idea, look around your neighborhood for opportunities and start her working life off on sound footing.

No matter the work, part-time position are an opportunity to build lasting professional skills. Follow this link to learn more about how to make the most of any job.Older or part-time students, transfer students, and others don’t show up.

Recent grads tend to get high-paying jobs. Among private high school students, every 10% increase in salary.

High school students should be banned from working in part time jobs

Should High School (secondary) students be banned from working in part-time jobs? Students with part-time jobs are gaining valuable experience in a whole range of areas. They have to keep good time, work in a team, communicate with others and present themselves well. Part-Time Work for High School Students.

However, some parents, students and even some teachers feel that after hours of lessons in school, it is arguments against homework should be banned to expect students to come home and work for another three hours. By , eighteen years later, million female high school students were playing sports.

Iranian women were banned from attending a volleyball game and an Iranian girl was arrested for attending a match. women's sports coverage reached an all-time high when it was recorded at %.

It maintained its higher percentages until it. 3 days ago · From to , e-cigarette use in the United States increased 78 percent among high school students —from percent of students using . As someone who students and their families look to for guidance and advice—even for issues outside of the classroom—you may at some point be asked your thoughts on high school students holding part-time jobs.

If you could use a refresher on the benefits and risks of students working while in.

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