Hum 150 week 1 film paper

If it would have come out of my mouth, it would have sounded more like everything goes on the kitchen table or on the floor by the door.

Hum 150 week 1 film paper

Helen in a special appearance in song "Mehbooba Mehbooba" Jalal Agha in a special appearance in song "Mehbooba Mehbooba" Raj Kishore as a jail inmate with gayish mannerisms [8] Production Development The screenwriter pair Salim-Javedconsisting of Salim Khan and Javed Akhtarbegan narrating the idea for Sholay as a four-line snippet to filmmakers in Sippy and his son Ramesh Sippy[9] and narrated the four-line snippet to them.

The original idea of the film involved an army officer who decided to hire two ex-soldiers to avenge the murder of his family.

The army officer was later changed to a policeman because Sippy felt that it would be difficult to get permission to shoot scenes depicting army activities. Salim-Javed completed the script in one month, incorporating names and personality traits of their friends and acquaintances.

Any policeman captured by the real Gabbar Singh had his ears and nose cut off, and was released as a warning to other policemen. The real-life Soorma eventually threatened to press charges when people who had viewed the film began referring to him as a woodcutter.

He eventually gave up the role when Sippy informed him that Sanjeev Kumar would play Veeru if that happened, and would be paired with Hema Malini, who Dharmendra was trying to woo. Dharmendra knew that Kumar was also interested in Malini.

This led to shooting delays when Bhaduri became pregnant with their daughter Shweta. By the time of the film's release, she was pregnant with their son Abhishek.

Hum 150 week 1 film paper

Dharmendra had begun wooing Malini during their earlier film Seeta Aur Geetaand used the location shoot of Sholay to further pursue her. During their romantic scenes, Dharmendra would often pay the light boys to spoil the shot, thereby ensuring many retakes and allowing him to spend more time with her.

The couple married five years after the film's release.

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Much of Sholay was shot in the rocky terrain of Ramanagaraa town near BangaloreKarnataka. A prison set was constructed near Rajkamal Studio in Mumbai, also outdoors, to match the natural lighting of the on-location sets.

One reason for its high cost was that Sippy re-filmed scenes many times to get his desired effect. It was definitely a differentiator. Film posters also sought to differentiate the film from those which had come before; one of them added the tagline: Gabbar's death scene, and the scene in which the imam's son is killed, were cut from the film by India's Censor Boardas was the scene in which Thakur's family is massacred.

The original, unedited cut of the film finally came out in a British release on VHS in Koushik Banerjea, a sociologist in the London School of Economicsnotes that Sholay exhibits a "sympathetic construction of 'rogue' masculinity" exemplified by the likeable outlaws Jai and Veeru.

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Madhava Prasad states that Jai and Veeru represent a marginalised population that is introduced into conventional society. Such dualism makes them vulnerable, in contrast to the pure evil of Gabbar Singh.

It becomes the battleground where good and evil compete for supremacy. Taken together, these elements comprise the allegorical representation of India. This tension culminated in the Emergency rule by decree declared by prime minister Indira Gandhi in Although both films were similar in technical style, Sholay emphasised Indian family values and melodramatic tradition, while the Western was more materialistic and restrained in its approach.

Innocence, Culpability and Indian Popular Cinema, both for its caricature and stereotyping of Muslim and women characters, and for what he calls mockery of innocent villagers.

Meanwhile, the sole function of one female character Radha is to suffer her fate in silence, while the other female lead Basanti is just a garrulous village belle. Indian Popular Cinema, Nation, and Diaspora, states that the death of Jai, and resultant break of bonding between the two male leads, is necessary for the sake of establishing a normative heterosexual relationship that of Veeru and Basanti.KWIBS - From September 3, - By Kevin Noland.

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