Improvement quality thesis

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Improvement quality thesis

Improvement quality thesis Abstract Data quality is an increasingly critical issue in the majority of information intensive businesses.

Indeed, nowadays, in the information era, data quality is a crucial requirement for modern enterprises to obtain a competitive advantage. In this thesis, a particular and widespread context characterization has been considered: It combines two adopted systems typical of the modern economy: The former classifies an organization considering its own architecture while the latter classifies the organization as part of a larger system considering its role in the interaction with other organizations.

Indeed, as regards multichannel information systems, each organization accesses its internal data and the primary goal of data quality assurance is the assessment and monitoring of data values and, possibly, their improvement.

Improvement quality thesis

In cooperative information systems CISdata quality assurance is important in communication processes and data quality values should Improvement quality thesis exchanged along with data. In order to assure high data quality levels, companies must design and implement a complete data quality management program.

In the literature, models for data quality management have been proposed. A big limit in the application of the proposed methodologies is that they only provide guidelines without providing tools or specific algorithms that support users in the assessment, monitoring, and improvement phases.

Focusing on the critical issues related to the assessment phase, the literature does not provide an exhaustive set of metrics that organizations can apply.

Only a few algorithms have been developed for a subset of dimensions, such as accuracy [53], completeness [44], consistency [42], and timeliness [5]. Quality assurance is instead faced by the need for objective measures of quality, since most users cannot judge the quality of data and simply have to trust data sources.

Along these considerations, the first contribution of this thesis is the design of an architectural component, called Quality Factory that supports the quality assessment, monitoring, and improvement of internal data see Chapter 4.

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The proposal of an architecture that enables the adoption of a total data quality management aims at filling the lack of semi-automatic tools to evaluate and improve data quality. It is not possible to provide completely computer-based procedures for data quality management, but it is at least possible to limit the human interventions to control and monitoring activities.

This is achieved, in the thesis, by applying a rule-based methodology that manages the activity and the interactions of the modules that compose the Quality Factory. Specifically, the Quality Factory supports the users offering a complete set of tools for a comprehensive data quality program that combines some of the successful assessment techniques and algorithms presented in the literature with new algorithms and techniques.

For example, a mathematical model to evaluate the impact of the architectural choices on data quality in multichannel environment has been developed. The results can be used as support of decisions related to the definition of design criteria for the choice of the most appropriate integration strategy depending on the level of data quality that the enterprise would achieve.

Furthermore, considering that the importance of exchanged data intensifies in a cooperative information systems, a fundamental and innovative functionality designed with the Quality Factory is the generation of a Quality Certificate that is associated with data when they satisfy quality requirements.

Improvement quality thesis

Fundamentally, the user has the possibility to agree with the organization on quality levels specified through the list of acceptable values associated with the data quality dimensions. The organization undertakes to provide the specified quality level to the users and notifies it with the certification process.

The certificate assumes great significance in the information exchange among different organizations and particularly between the organization and the data users. In the thesis, a model in which the assessment algorithm varies on the basis of user profiling and personal requirements is also proposed.

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Finally, to the best of our knowledge, in the context of multichannel cooperative information systems, the data quality problem has not been considered yet both from a methodological point of view and from an architectural perspective.

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