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She held that as people from different cultural or social backgrounds meet face-to-face, they get to know each other. Follett believed that diversity was the key ingredient of community and democracy. Her efforts led to substantial advances in our understanding of human relationships and how people can work together to establish a peaceful, prosperous society. Life Mary Parker Follett was born on September 3,into an affluent Quaker family in Quincy, Massachusetts and spent much of her early life there.

Mary parker follet

She had Mary parker follet siblings.

Mary Parker Follett: Prophet of Management, edited by Pauline Graham ( pages, Harvard Business School Press, ). The Mary Parker Follett Network fosters the exchange of information about, and ideas inspired by, Mary P. Follett. This page should eventually make it to the KFF website. There is currently a link from the KFF New Folk Info page to this one (thanks John!).

Fred Dewhurst was the owner of a chain of confectionery stores, and wife Frances' father had been a celebrated athlete in Canada where he had played football with the Ottawa Rough Riders ".

Colleen's mother was a Christian Scientista faith Colleen also embraced. She attended Whitefish Bay High School for her first two years of high school, moved to Shorewood High School for her junior year, and finally graduated from Riverside High School in Milwaukee in Around this time, her parents separated.

Dewhurst went on to attend Milwaukee-Downer College for two years before moving to New York City to pursue an acting career. She as recounted in her posthumous obituary in collaboration with Tom Viola wrote: With Brooks Atkinson's blessing, our world changed overnight.

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Suddenly in our audience of neighbors in T-shirts and jeans appeared men in white shirts, jackets and ties, and ladies in summer dresses. We were in a hit that would have a positive effect on my career, as well as Joe's, but I missed the shouting. Dewhurst and George C.

Scott met while working together inin Children of Darknesswhile they were both married to other people. Dewhurst appeared opposite her then-husband, Scott, in a television adaptation of Arthur Miller 's The Priceon Hallmark Hall of Famean anthology seriesand there is another television recording of them together when she played Elizabeth Proctor to his unfaithful John in Miller's The Crucible with Tuesday Weld.


Inshe played a madam, Mrs. Dewhurst died before the character of Marilla could be written out and her final scenes were picked up off the editing-room floor and pieced together for her death scene.

During andshe appeared in a supporting role on the television series Murphy Brown playing the feisty mother of Candice Bergen 's title character; this role earned her two Emmy Awards, the second being awarded posthumously.

Dewhurst won a total of two Tony Awards and four Emmy Awards for her stage and television work. She was president of the Actors' Equity Association from until her death. Personal life and final years[ edit ] Dewhurst was married to James Vickery from to She married and divorced George C.

They had two sons, Alexander Scott and actor Campbell Scott ; she co-starred with Campbell in Dying Youngone of her last performances.

They also had a summer home on Prince Edward IslandCanada. Dewhurst's Christian Science beliefs [5] led to her refusal to countenance any kind of surgical treatment. Maureen Stapleton wrote about Dewhurst: Colleen looked like a warrior, so people assumed she was the earth mother.

But in real life Colleen was not to be let out without a keeper.

Mary parker follet

She couldn't stop herself from taking care of people, which she then did with more care than she took care of herself.

It is a private inn as of August Dewhurst died of cervical cancer, age 67, at her South Salem home in She was cremated and her ashes were given to family and friends; no public service was planned. Of her 13 Emmy Award nominations, she won four.

She was inducted into the American Theatre Hall of Fame in Learn more about, The Splashy Broadway Musical, Disney's The Litlle Mermaid at the Huron Country Playhouse.

“A large organization is a collection of local communities. Individual and institutional growth are maximized when those communities are self-governing to the maximum extent possible.” (Mary Parker Follett ). Mary Parker Follett: community, creative experience and education. The Network is a solicitation free, invitation-only community for peer-led education, collaboration and benchmarking.


The Essential Mary Parker Follett: Ideas We Need Today. The Essential Mary Parker Follett: Ideas We Need Today is a comprehensive selection of texts from early 20th-century intellectual pioneer Mary Parker Follett.. Her ground-breaking ideas on leadership, diversity, mediation, management and democracy remain impressively relevant in our modern world.

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