Philip morris international swot analysis essay

Inthe largest single investment by a U.

Philip morris international swot analysis essay

Philip Morris International organized a license agreement with Japan Tobacco to begin manufacturing Marlboro cigarettes in Japan.

PM opens its largest factory in the Netherlands in Inthe largest single investment by a U. PM owns Marlboro 1. Marlboro has been the number one selling cigarette brand in the world since Philip Morris International, 2.

Owning Marlboro, the number one brand in the world, is a distinctive competence because it is a huge advantage over its competitors. Marlboro has been the number one selling brand in the tobacco competitors combined. To become the bestselling brand in the industry, and maintain that standing for 42 years, shows the competence and grasp that Philip Morris International has on the worldwide tobacco industry.

Philip morris international swot analysis essay

With Marlboro taking a distinctive lead on the list and L as the third top selling cigarette in the world, PM has a distinct advantage over their competitors. With PM owning almost half of the top 15 selling brands, and he other half being owned by several different competitors, PM has a much better chance of a cigarette purchase being one of their brands than anyone else.

In the tobacco industry c. It is an organizational weakness to be in the tobacco industry because, while as one point tobacco was a growing market, due to legislation, taxation and public opinion, the industry is weakening.

Philip Morris International can minimize its weakness of being in the tobacco industry by increasing its development of Reduced- Risk Products Raps. Reduced-Risk Products refer to products that could possibly educe the risk of using tobacco products compared to smoking a combustible cigarette.

PM is currently working on this as shown in the opening of its first plant designed for the production of Raps Just outside Bologna, Italy. PM is currently in the construction phase of a larger facility, with the same purpose, in Crestfallen, Italy. Philip Morris International, D. Second Organizational Weakness 1.

Reason it is considered a weakness 2. Discuss how the organization can minimize this weakness. This is the largest tobacco industry in the world. It is driven by the socioeconomic force as societies, globally, are legalizing the health risks that come with traditionally smoking cigarettes.

The E- cigarette market is growing at a rapid rate due to the health risks that come from smoking traditional cigarettes. As the awareness of these risks grows globally, the e- cigarette market will become a socially acceptable replacement around the world.

Higher tobacco related taxes 1.

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Governments impose increased taxes on tobacco products for two reasons: These tax increases and other unfavorable changes to the structure of how these taxes are figured lead to less demand due to higher prices.

Proposed anti-tobacco legislation 1.

Philip Morris International Company Profile - SWOT Analysis These strengths not only help it to protect the market share in existing markets but also help in penetrating new markets.
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Governments discourage cigarette and tobacco use by initiating anti-tobacco laws and legislation. Legislation such as limiting where you can smoke I. Only in designated areas or not indoors of businesses discourages tobacco use.

This then leads to reduced sales and therefore reduced profits. Philip Morris, through a license agreement with state owned Chinese National Tobacco Corporation, in the only international company to have such an agreement.

However, until the Chinese government decides to open the market to foreign companies, operations in the country remain limited and it is not expected to make any significant growth. PM is working to develop some low-risk products to use as an alternative route to enter the Chinese market to help give it a competitive advantage.

Trifles Team, Because the tobacco industry is primarily state owned in China, the government has complete control over when Philip Morris International can take advantage of this opportunity. PM has developed a new product called Headstock, as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, to allow it to compete in this market.

Headstock will be produced and manufactured under the Marlboro name. Current e- cigarettes use liquid nicotine, while the Headstock will use actual tobacco. The Headstock will heat tobacco to degrees Fahrenheit causing a vapor to be inhaled instead smoke as when burning the tobacco.

Philip Morris to debut e-gig with real tobacco, B. As anti- tobacco legislation and increased taxes drive down the demand for tobacco products in developed countries, international tobacco companies, like Philip Morris International, have directed their efforts in developing and transitional economies around the world, like the Asian market.

They are creating demand in these countries through advertising, producing and selling tobacco products.In the International tobacco business, Phillip Morris International (PMI) increased % to billion units. PMI 's share of the international cigarette market (excluding the U.S.

and world-wide duty-free) was an estimated % in Philip Morris International SWOT Analysis I. The history of Philip Morris International begins in , when Philip Morris opened his first tobacco store in London England.

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The history of Philip Morris and the Marlboro The history of what is now a global company can be traced back to Philip Morris's opening of a single shop on London's Bond Street, selling tobacco and ready-made cigarettes.

Philip Morris International SWOT Analysis Essay Example for Free

I. The history of Philip Morris International begins in when Philip Morris opened his first baccy shop in London England. When Philip Morris died. his married woman Margaret and .

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