Problems of corruption in boxing and the lack of integrity in the modern music business

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Problems of corruption in boxing and the lack of integrity in the modern music business

Print Article The music business has always been riddled with unspoken scandals and juicy secrets of corruption. We see topics of shortcuts, bribery, exploitation, scams, and fraud in the news frequently whether it is from the U.

Problems of corruption in boxing and the lack of integrity in the modern music business

The music business is no different from any other business in this world; they are out to make a profit, which is the most important aspect that motivates those businesses.

What drives those businesses to make profit is self-interest, which is also the factor behind all the corruption of the music business; sometimes the achievement of this profit is executed by any means possible.

The following is an attempt to explain the different means of making that profit in the music business when ethical tactics are just not enough.

The most common form of unethical practice in the music business is payola. Payola has had a long history in the music business and was only illegalized in Dannen,p. Hutchinson, a rising song publisher, could not get famous singers of the time to sing his songs since the singers were so busy with other publishing companies.

The story of Clive Davis and CBS records involves embellishment, fraud, payola, and ties to crime syndicates. Wynshaw was a close associate of a man named Patsy Falcone, who had ties with West Coast crime syndicate, the Genovese Family, and Falcone managed acts like O.

Wynshaw would concoct fake invoices as well in order for CBS to pay for parties, jewelry, apartments, and more Dannen,p. After Falcone was arrested on drug trafficking charges, some of his income was traced back to Wynshaw who was eventually arrested as well.

The checks showed to whom the money was paid, how much was paid, and when the money was paid. Clive was aware of these financial records.

Problems of corruption in boxing and the lack of integrity in the modern music business

CBS would then use those funds to payoff the radio stations Dannen,p. One DJ stated that rock and roll may never have gotten on the air without payola p. The new solution is to hire the manager to run the radio promotion campaign and have the manager hire the independent promoter designated by the record company, which will have the manager at the interest of any investigation Thall,p.

Payola is just one of many forms of corruption practiced by record companies, while many other forms of corruption for profit can directly affect the artist at hand. For example, there is a process between distribution companies and record companies for artists to receive their royalties for albums sold in retail stores.

The distribution companies send the master recordings to duplication warehouses, which are then shipped to each record store at request. The catch is that record stores can return their shipments of the recordings for a refund from the distributor, which is from the record label.

The record label keeps a reserve against the artist royalties and does not pay the full amount until the distributor pays the record company from the refunds. This means that the distribution company withholds the money before sending the money to the record company before the money goes to the artist Avalon,p.

Unethically, the record company could distort the number of records returned or kept by the distribution company to withhold more portions of money.

Record companies can change the figures for how many records are sold from an artist for certain unethical purposes. This is where the terms, clears and cleans, come into play. Some labels will state a number less than the actual amount sold; the labels bootleg a master copy without a barcode and send the copies to countries that do not use a barcode system or track any sales equipment.

A clean is made when a company produces excess records that are able to be returned to the record company for cash with no questions asked.

The record will be given to private vendors that do not pass the records to the retail store but are returned to the record label for a refund. This could be a form of embellishment by whoever in the record company is having these private vendors buy and take back the money for the records Avalon, Every artist should know that a company may become antagonistic towards any artist that exposes some kind of wrongful accounting; the artist should begin to wonder why this correlation arises from the record company at this point.

On the twenty percent reserve, the record company takes twenty percent of the royalties and places them in a bank to collect interest for two years, perhaps, never pay the artist while the artist waits for his or her last pay period royalties to come in, but the record company makes money on the royalties which never goes to the artist p.

This notion implies that future albums will always earn less and less royalty money to pay for the last over-budgets on previous albums p. Meeting this deadline is nearly impossible Avalon,p.

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There are a number of factors that the record company can manipulate to delay the arrival of the album: Kickbacks are an important concept to understand in the music business.

Kickbacks are ways for music industry people to get extra money that is not under their payroll. The most important thing to remember when it comes to money is that everything in any budget is supposed to go through the business affairs office of any major label Avalon,p.

Not everything goes through that office, but everything should. The manager may say the money is for their client, but if the money were to reach the artist, the manager would commission the money. The manager can then convince the artist to let the manager keep some money to recover costs incurred from managing the artist for the past year or two before the record company signed them a good indicator for why artists should not keep the same manager after three albums.

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Vienna is the most fully enriched location, and seems to be in roughly the same situation as Oslo. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from We therefore focus on the different types of fraud and corrpution found in ‘modern’ boxing.

This is done by examining the roles of the main ‘participants’ involved in the sport, such as boxers, managers, promoters and sanctioning bodies and how they have contributed to and committed acts of fraud and corruption.

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