Reproduction businesses of thomas kinkades painting

When I began developing my artistic vision, I also chose to begin consciously pursuing a greater overall understanding of Art.

Reproduction businesses of thomas kinkades painting

Just the opposite, they knew less about permanence than we do today.

Behind the Artist: Thomas Kinkade - Park West Gallery Print Email I have been reading lots of harsh comments and criticism about the art of the late Thomas Kinkade, debasing his paintings. Some of these remarks were cruel and hateful, both questioning the authority of Thomas Kinkade as an artist and questioning the sanity of anyone who would buy his paintings or reproductions.
Questions of Art and Business Certain coins, art and even wine, have actually outperformed the stock market over the past years, but all collectables were not created equal.
Reproduction Businesses of Thomas Kinkade's painting Essays Stop painting on canvas! Originally Posted by Michael Lion This may be true, but still the message is that you shouldn't paint on stretched canvas thinking that it's the superior painting surface.

They were making paintings to last a decade or two, not to last for centuries. If you look at the prices payed for some of the paintings from the 15 and 's they would be very expensive for something that would drop off the wall a decade later.

And if you compare some of the fresco and wall painting costs compared to stone carvings that were known to last from antiquity, the obvious choice would be to buy the carvings if paintings were going to last only a couple of decades.

And it's not limited to that time frame. For instance in the 's French artist Paul Delaroche was a huge proponent of making paintings that would last 's of years.

He was elected leader of the French Academy of Fine Arts and had a huge impact on the French Academic painting of the time. And looking back at some of the old manuscripts of the 's the knowledge of fugitive pigments and ways to deal with them such as using a light sensitive color and glazing a more durable one over top to prevent fading was prity darn advanced, and one might hazard a guess that other parts of their proses might be the same.

There were surly mistakes made and knowledge not yet won, but I would guess that the same will be said of our paintings down the road. Did they objectivly know more than we do about painting?

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Maybe not, but they surly were not barbarians that had no clue what they were doing. If we look at something similar, such as architecture, it seems clear that all our advanced knowledge and methods have changed a great deal and we can do things that the would have been undreamed of in antiquity.

But that is far from saying the colosseum was only ment to last 50 years. And things such as the pyramids remind us that indeed knowledge can be lost. Michael Lion If there were a million hobby oil painters in the US, then the odds would be 1 in people.

The odds of identical twins is higher, or 1 in people. I know a number of hobby oil painters and a number of pro oil painters. I only know a couple of twins but they are not identical.

You would know oil painters because you are one yourself so you hang out with and make friends with people of similar interests.

At places where i worked or went to school, I never encountered anyone else with that hobby. Not that this is good or bad, just an observation that it's a very uncommon and niche hobby. People spend money on all kinds of stuff that they don't expect to last more than a decade or two.

And I never said the painting would "drop off the wall" in a decade. But if the painting looked the same in ten years as it did when it was first painted, I think that, yes, the artists would have considered that a success in permanence.

And then, as now, people who BUY art don't understand the permanence of what they are buying. If they did, then customers would demand panels instead of stretched canvas, yet they seem very happy with stretched canvas.

And they'd want to know if any alizarin crimson were used.

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I think we are just fortunate that the historical artists used a lot of earth colors because they were the least expensive pigments. It has become a very niche hobby. Yes, such a niche hobby that it keeps how many companies in business producing oil paints and painting supplies?

Not to mention all the distributors and retailers. Someone must be buying all that paint and canvas.

Reproduction businesses of thomas kinkades painting

I deal with some true niche hobbies in which sales of mid-hundreds of units over a product's life span are considered successful. Product lifetime being measured in years. Much of it is produced in a single city -- Dafen, a suburb of Shenzhen -- under conditions that come perilously close to fitting the definition of slavery, or at least peonage.

Artists from the countryside are relocated to that city with promises of good pay. They are then told that they must work grueling hours, at a lower hourly pay rate than promised, in order to repay hideously high relocation and housing fees.

Only a monster would buy a Chinese reproduction of a work of western art.I have been reading lots of harsh comments and criticism about the art of the late Thomas Kinkade, debasing his of these remarks were cruel and hateful, both questioning the authority of Thomas Kinkade as an artist and questioning the sanity of anyone who would buy his paintings or reproductions.

Thomas Kinkade, one of my favorite painters, was born in Sacramento, California, on January 19, He is an American painter widely know for painting a lot of paintings. Kinkade has a nickname called, the painter of the light. If you stare at the Thomas Kinkade painting on your wall each day thinking "There’s my retirement fund," prepare to pour skim lattes until you’re Collecting as a hobby can be a fun, worthwhile and potentially lucrative way to pass time.

Thomas Kinkade Courage painting for sale - Thomas Kinkade Courage is handmade art reproduction; You can buy Thomas Kinkade Courage painting on canvas or frame. The Power and The Majesty I like to think that water is alive with the poetry and power of God's creation.

Confronting a gallery full of assorted Kinkades is too much to take, however. He ruffles feathers among some art types for reasons similar to why Walmart ruffles feathers among local small businesses.

In most of the towns where there is a Kinkade Gallery at the Mall, there are dozens of local artists, including plenty of representational. Thomas Kinkade masters-painted sketches of porcelain figurines.

Find this Pin and more on Fashion♠ Illustrations ♠& Sensations♠♠♠ by 💜İrène Bassil💜 💜 İréna b 💜. this is a sketch for one of Thomas kinkades porceline doll.

Reproduction businesses of thomas kinkades painting
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