Rotc experience essay

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Rotc experience essay

Rotc experience essay

This need stems from the changing character of warfare, which is constantly reshaped by technological advances. Many scholars, notably Mackubin T. Owens, observe that this development of technology has reduced costs and has changed the patterns in the transfer of information, people, and weapons.

Moreover, the objectives of these actors have also shifted from traditional warfare, as they are now able to attack not only an actor within the system, but the system itself, by causing disruptions that cause cascading failures for political and economic systems.

To do so, the military must make changes to the structure of the military and the qualities of the future warrior, effectively maximizing 'greater responsiveness, strategic mobility and tactical speed', together with adjustments in reconnaissance technology and precision weaponry.

What are the problems that the military faces? One of the major problems that hinder military performance is the civil-military gap, which causes friction between civilians and military.

Rotc experience essay

There are concerns that the ''gap' in values or attitudes between people in uniform and civilian society has become so wide that it threatens the effectiveness of the armed forces and civil-military cooperation'5.

The authors provide quantitative basis for the debate, via 'Project on the Gap Between the Military and Civilian Society,' concluding that there are indications that a growing gap has the potential to undermine military effectiveness in the future.

Some of those characteristics, as outlined by Suzanne Nielsen and Don Snider are the interpersonal dimension of civil-military relationships and the development of senior military and civilian leaders.

I argue that ROTC in Ivy League universities enhances the military professional expertise by targeting the citizen-soldier rationale, exposing future military personnel to the liberal perspectives and constructing interpersonal connections between the civil-military elites. Although there are civilian and military leaders who graduate from numerous elite liberal arts universities, for the purpose of this paper, I will limit my scope to the Ivy League universities.

I will conclude by suggesting policy changes to ROTC programs at Ivy League universities, and discussing their potential to increase military effectiveness. The civil-military problematique was elegantly defined by Peter Feaver, as a 'simple paradox: Constitution lays the grounds for civilian control of the military through a system of checks and balances and division of powers and authority.

Consequently, the military is forced to not only focus on winning wars, but to do so under the supervision of its civilian counterparts.

In his fundamental work on the subject, The Soldier and the StateSamuel Huntington described the resulting problem of the civil-military gap: ROTC in Civil-Military Relations Conflicting objectives of the military military to be 'democratically appropriate'10 and the functional imperative of military effectiveness.

The military thus faces two sets of objectives that seem to be in conflict with each other. Because of the civilian control of the military, situations may arise, in which the military will be forced to sacrifice its functional imperative due to the civilian demands t, leading to degradation of military effectiveness.

The role of ROTC in Ivy Leagues in bridging the gap ROTC helps ameliorate the civil-military gap by successfully balancing the focus on both societal and functional imperatives that the military faces.

ROTC programs reduce tensions of the societal imperative by targeting the 'citizen-soldier' ideal, and encouraging interpersonal links between future military and civilian leaders. In conjunction, using ROTC as a means to bridge the civil-military gap is a good way to balance the two antagonistic imperatives that the U.

Firstly, officers that are commissioned after going through the ROTC represent the citizen-soldier ideal, which describes a member of the military with a primarily civilian outlook. Donald Downs emphasizes the importance of aspiration towards this ideal, as it unites 'deep respect for constitutional principlesEssay Editing Help.

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words. 2 . Nov 23,  · In this video I go over ROTC's requirements, a break down of what is expected of each year (MS I, II, III, IV), accessions, talk about my personal experience in ROTC and .

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ROTC Programs Founded in , ROTC stands for Reserve Officer Training Corps. It’s a college program offered at over 1, colleges and universities across the United States that prepares young adults to become officers in the U.S.

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ROTC Advance Camp was also a very rewarding experience there are many things that I thought were good and some that I deemed to be bad for cadets. The things that impressed me the most about camp were the professionalism of many of the cadre.

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