Schreyer honors college thesis submission

Research Opportunities Penn State College of Nursing Schreyer Scholars are expected to demonstrate excellent academic achievement with integrity, build a global perspective, and seek opportunities for leadership and civic engagement.

Schreyer honors college thesis submission

Archived honors theses Finding a Thesis Adviser The first task for an honors student beginning research is to find an appropriate thesis adviser. Our department has many research-active faculty who regularly mentor honors undergraduates, covering a wide range of research areas. Students should also bear in mind that faculty may differ considerably in their approach to undergraduate honors research.

To identify which faculty members might be a good match, students should: Discuss their interests with their honors adviser or with faculty they know from the classroom who can suggest various colleagues whose research may interest them.

Read the research webpages of potential thesis advisers to learn about their research.

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Read some recent publications from the research group. Bear in mind that research papers were not written with an undergraduate reader in mind!

Aim to grasp the motivation, main ideas, and conclusions of the work. Meet with potential thesis advisers to discuss possible projects.

Meet with graduate students and other undergraduates in the research group of a potential thesis adviser to get a sense of the group interests and atmosphere. One indication of a dynamic group is energetic and talented students who can explain their work and how it fits into the overall group research.

Research Project At the same time as a student is identifying a thesis adviser, the student and potential adviser are discussing and selecting a research project. For undergraduate research, formulating an appropriate research project is predominately the responsibility of the thesis adviser.

For a research project to be most successful, it should be: Well defined enough to have a good chance of success. Within the capabilities of a talented and energetic undergraduate.

Research undergraduates thrive if their work connects to that of fellow undergraduates and graduate students, from whom they can learn. Interesting and important enough to be published.

While it is not required that work from an honors thesis be published, this is an appropriate standard for the scope of a good honors thesis. Actively mentored by the adviser.

Schreyer honors college thesis submission

Thesis advisers should be actively involved in mentoring research undergraduates, with regular meetings, interim reports, and written expectations each semester. Co-mentored by a graduate student or postdoc. This course is typically taken only by first-year students or sophomores.

The statement of expectations may contain: Overall goals for the semester. Possible goals include experiments, calculations, simulations, modeling, or data analysis to be performed; techniques to be learned; literature search to be carried out; or draft of chapters or paper to be written.

Schedule of meeting times. Regular meetings of students, thesis advisers, and co-mentors help to keep everyone apprised of progress, and allow for frequent feedback.

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Research students may need access to experimental resources hoods, bench space, lab instruments, time on central facilities or computing resources workstations, cluster queues. It should confront a question that is unresolved and push towards a resolution.

The thesis includes a discussion of the motivation for the work, and the state of knowledge of the research community. At a minimum, the scope of thesis research should be equivalent to a significant contribution to one or more published papers.

This implies a standard of originality: For students applying to graduate school, publishable research is a mark of distinction above and beyond completing an honors thesis.

Ideally, a first-author paper should be published from the completed thesis.

Schreyer honors college thesis submission

In such cases, a paper can first be prepared for submission, and then modified to conform to the thesis style and content. Thesis chapters may then correspond to the Introduction, Background, Methods, Results, and Discussion sections of a typical journal article.

Honors theses vary considerably in length.If you are a member of the Schreyer Honors College you will submit your thesis to both websites. Format Review (submission deadline February 1 of senior year) Submit a single PDF of the draft of your thesis.

The Schreyer Honors College (Penn State's Honors College) website will have information on honors courses, news and events, list of honor's courses and advisers, scholarships, your Honors Thesis and many more topics. If your thesis supervisor recommends that you submit your work to a journal, please make sure that you contact the Schreyer Honors College at least two weeks prior to final submission of your thesis to request restricted access.

Furthermore, they must meet and discuss the key dates required by Schreyer Honors College, regarding submission of drafts and any other requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to work with the professor in setting up meeting days and times, keeping in mind the submission deadline.

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The College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) partners with the Schreyer Honors College to offer honors courses (including research project courses and independent studies), a thesis experience, research opportunities, internships, study abroad experiences, graduate opportunities, and advising to students who seek an .

Electronic submission of the final Honors Thesis became a requirement beginning spring semester Both the mandatory draft submission and the final copy must be submitted online. The "official" copy of the Honors Thesis is the electronic file (eHT), and this is the copy that will be on file with the University Libraries.

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