The concept of areal differentiation

Specific vectors in a vector space[ edit ] Null vectorthe additive identity in a vector space. In a normed vector spaceit is the unique vector of norm zero. In a Euclidean vector spaceit is the unique vector of length zero. Basis vector an element of a given basis of a vector space.

The concept of areal differentiation

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The concept of areal differentiation

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The concept of areal differentiation

Manishika Jain in this lecture explains areal differentiation by Hartshorne and regional synthesis by Berry. The types of inter-relationships and types of. Dec 17,  · A central concept of areal differentiation is that the surface of the earth may be divided into regions, which may be distinguished and categorized using various spatial criteria.

Thus, areal differentiation provides the theoretical foundation for regional geography, by conceptualizing space as consisting of identifiable units that.

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