Was lenins leadership the main reason

Five years after that, he was promoted to Director of Public Schools for the province, overseeing the foundation of over schools as a part of the government's plans for modernisation. His dedication to education earned him the Order of St. Vladimirwhich bestowed on him the status of hereditary nobleman.

Was lenins leadership the main reason

The Provisional government were so weak that it meant that the Bolsheviks were the only party able to seize power in October The fact that the Provisional Government failed and the Bolsheviks were successful, was due to the fact they were a weak government who barely had any support from the Russians due the fact they were meant to just be a replacement government until the elections.

Was lenins leadership the main reason

Their control over Russia was weak too, as there were soviets set up all over the country by workers who had control over most of northern Russia. Also, they failed to stop the opposition by letting the Bolsheviks use Propaganda to influence the public.


This only increased the Bolsheviks popularity, whilst support for the Provisional Government decreased. These catchy slogans and giving the people what they wanted was what made Lenin a good leader and one of the reasons for the success of the Bolsheviks.

However during the July days Lenin showed weak leadership. Hasegawa feels that the Provisional government over-estimated the control that the Executive Committee of the Soviets held The Bolsheviks, under Lenin, did not believe that dual power was a workable The main reason for the system The Proletariats and soldiers mutinied on the streets of Petrograd in favour of the Bolsheviks to represent their ideas.

Yet instead of providing strong leadership for the demonstrators, Lenin went into hiding as the military attacked the peaceful demonstration and fled to avoid being arrested. More than people were killed or injured and because of these events the Bolsheviks lost some of their power and influence over Russia.

However, all the Bolsheviks were then released during the Kornilov revolt.


Kerensky who was head of the Provisional Government set free the Bolshevik prisoners in order to fight off Kornilov and his men, during a revolt in which Kornilov tried to seize power in order to turn Russia into a military dictatorship. By liberating the Bolsheviks it allowed them to prepare an uprising against him and the provisional government.

This final event in which the Provisional Government was overthrown was when a military ship that sailed up the River Neva and attempted to shoot at the Winter Palace, until they surrendered.

One of the main reasons for Bolshevik success; was the existence of the Military Revolutionary Committee who lead by Trotsky planned the actual revolution including the involvement of the military ship to take place, and therefore it is important as without him the revolution would have been chaotic, unprepared and the Bolsheviks would have never claimed power.

Is the Bolsheviks brutality the reason they held onto power from ? The Bolsheviks finally had what they wanted- control of Russia. During the uprising the Kronstadt sailors were the Bolsheviks main army force.

They were seen to be a major He wanted the kulaks to be hung publicly It could be said that although he was not the main leader.Was Lenins Leadership the Main Reason for Bolshevik Success? Essay Lenin's leadership the main reason for Bolshevik success?

Although initially Lenin was the one to make the Bolsheviks overthrow the Provisional Government, there were a number of long term factors that led to this revolution.


This essay shows that the main reason for the Bolsheviks’ continued survival through the period was not Trotsky’s great leadership of the .

Lenin’s leadership wasn’t the main reason for Bolshevik success as it was the Provisional Government who had a lack of control and series of failures that allowed the Bolsheviks to be successful and Lenin to be able to intervene. Although not the main reason, Lenin’s . Vladimir Lenin; Владимир Ленин Martov argued that party members should be able to express themselves independently of the party leadership; Lenin disagreed, emphasising the need for a strong leadership with complete control over the but must first enter a period of socialism, and so his main concern was how to convert.

How far was Lenin's leadership the most significant reason for the success of the October Revolution?

Lenins Leadership Essay Essay on Leadership: Leadership and Transformational Leadership What support did the main contenders for leadership did the Communist party have? Trotsky was a leading figure in St Petersburg’s soviet in. There are four main topics in which Lenin was able hold on to his power; Trotsky’s organisation of the Red Army, the disunity of white oppression, war communism and the leadership qualities of Lenin.

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